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Our customers have the ability to access up-to-date information regarding the status of product orders through our Web site. Customers select their own individual representatives who are authorized to access information regarding the status of the customer’s orders. Each individual representative is assigned a password that enables the representative to access the status of orders online. The customer is solely responsible for ensuring that each password is utilized only by the authorized representative of the customer to whom it is assigned and that access to an authorized representative’s computer while it is logged onto Seamless Gutters.TV’s Web site is given to no person other than said representative. Seamless Gutters.TV shall not be and is not responsible for any loss, claim or other liability that may arise from the unauthorized use of any password or of computer that is logged onto Seamless Gutters.TV’s Web site through the use of a password. If a password is lost or stolen, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify Seamless Gutters.TV of such occurrence so that the missing password can be deactivated and a new one assigned. If an individual representative of a customer shall no longer be authorized to use a password, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify Seamless Gutters.TV of such occurrence. Seamless Gutters.TV shall endeavor to complete all password deactivation requests within 48 hours of their receipt in writing from an authorized customer representative.
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No right, title or interest in any downloaded materials is transferred to you as a result of any such downloading. Seamless Gutters.TV reserves complete title and full intellectual property rights in any Content you download from this Web site.
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We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the Seamless Gutters.TV Web site. However, any comments, feedback, notes, messages, ideas, suggestions or other communications (collectively, “Comments”) sent by you to Seamless Gutters.TV shall be and remain the exclusive property of Seamless Gutters.TV. Your submission of any such Comments shall constitute an assignment to Seamless Gutters.TV of all worldwide rights, titles and interests in all copyrights and other intellectual property rights in the Comments. Seamless Gutters.TV will be entitled to use, reproduce, disclose, publish and distribute any Comments you submit for any purpose whatsoever, without restriction and without compensating you in any way. For this reason, we ask that you not send us any Comments that you do not wish to assign to us, including any confidential information or any original creative materials such as stories, product ideas, computer code or original artwork. You agree not to submit any Comments that may be submitted in violation of any agreement or obligation to keep the Comments confidential. Seamless Gutters.TV expressly disclaims any interest in any Comments that you are not authorized to submit. Of course, any information you submit which personally identifies you will be subject to our privacy policy.

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